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@@Technova co.,Ltd.,

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Technova co., Ltd.,@@@@@@@@@@@
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@President@@@Yasumasa HIRONAKA@ @@@@@Hironaka's Accomplishment ‘ใ•\Žา‚ฬ‹ฦั

Company Outline
Trade name@ Technova Co.,Ltd.
Foundation@ April 19th 2000
Address 15-1 Hourai Nara 631-0845
Telephone@ ‚W‚P-‚X‚O|‚W‚Q‚R‚R|‚R‚Q‚Q‚T
FAX@ ‚W‚P[‚V‚S‚Q|‚S‚X|‚Q‚S‚T‚O
Mail Address mailbox@technova.ne.jp
President@@ Dr. Yasumasa HIRONAKA
The Kansai Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industr‚™
@Best IT@Advicer Prize
Osaka Industrial Promotion Organization,
Registrated Adviser
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., Namba Branch
Business Area Development and Sales of Production Management System
for food factory and Bakery, Consulting